SciArt = Science + Art

Science + Art is a great combination. I see science and art all over the world around us. We just need to observe.

Science can be inspiring for artists and society at large and, of course, the other way round.

SciArt = Curiosity + Discovery + Emotions + Beauty + Knowledge + New Ideas + Feelings...

Artistic Synapses

Synapses are the connections between neurons, our brain cells. These connections are the beginning for everything: breathing, moving, thinking, feeling...

So for me, artistic synapses are all the connections that somehow merge art with science, technology, nature, arquitecture and any part of the world around and inside us, delivering to new ideas, points of view, feelings and inspiration.

1. Neurons in a columns via  

2. Light is time via Spiral Tokio.  

3. Light Stripes via Design and wool. 

4.Sparkling míriam martí via Laia Cambrils

Artistic Synapses talk + workshop

The Artistic Synapses TALK + WORKSHOP is a session for high schools, general public and/or specific groups. 

Scientific dissemination

I have been working since 2008 to bring science close to society. I have done it through TV, radio, shows, talks, artistic activities, etc. 

Conducting the IC Gala (ICFO)

"The art of communicating science" (FCRI)

Light Painting (ICFO)

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